Op-Ed: Polly Klaas was our sister. We don’t want unjust laws to be her legacy

To many people, the face of Polly Klaas is a reminder of a horrific moment in our nation’s history. For us — her sisters — Polly’s face represents a constellation of childhood memories that remain precious to us today. Those memories ended abruptly on Oct. 1, 1993, when a man followed Polly home from the park and took her from our bedroom.

Polly’s kidnapping set off a nationwide search; police officers, FBI agents and local volunteers worked tirelessly to find her and bring her home. The search ended when her body was found in the woods, two months after she went missing. She was 12 years old.

Losing Polly changed our lives forever. What we didn’t realize at the time was that our loss would also have a major impact on the criminal justice system for decades to come…

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