The Mercury News: Editorial: Reject Prop. 20’s return to a ‘lock ’em up’ justice system

The last thing California needs is a return to the tough-on-crime days of the 1990s that largely failed to lower crime rates and resulted in massive prison overcrowding and skyrocketing costs to taxpayers.

It’s doubly so in the midst of a pandemic that is wreaking havoc with the state’s budget and highlighting the deadly dangers of packing inmates in tight living quarters. California voters should reject Proposition 20. They should recognize the ballot measure as the latest effort by police and prison guard unions to roll back the success of Assembly Bill 109 (2011) and propositions 47 (2014) and 57 (2016), which ensured that the criminal justice system’s resources were more wisely used.

. . . California paid a heavy price for its heavy-handed 1990s approach to crime. Voters should reject any effort to return to that failed system. Vote no on Prop. 20.

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