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Prop 20 will cost millions and undermine public safety

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Proposition 20 will roll back effective criminal justice reforms and waste tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on prisons

PROP 20:
The non-partisan Legislative Analyst says Prop 20 will cost, “tens of millions of dollars” every year which could force draconian cuts to:
• Rehabilitation in prison for people getting out
• Mental health programs proven to reduce repeat crime
• Schools, healthcare, housing, and homelessness
• Fire protection and public safety programs
• Support for victims
Prop 20 means petty theft – stealing a bike – could be charged as a serious felony. That’s extreme, out of line with other states, and means more teenagers and people of color could be locked up for years for low-level, non-violent crimes.
Californians are demanding change to the criminal justice system and have overwhelmingly voted to reduce wasteful prison spending. Prop 20 reverses that progress. Rehabilitating people before prison release is the most effective way to improve public safety. Prop 20 could eliminate funding for what we know works, and waste money on more prisons we don’t need.
  • "Prop 20 backers are wrong. People who commit violent crimes receive severe and lengthy sentences, often life in prison."

    Diana Becton

    Contra Costa County District Attorney
  • "Crime victims and law enforcement leaders oppose Prop 20 because it wastes tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on prisons while cutting the rehabilitation programs we know work — that makes us all less safe."

    William LANSDOWNE (ret)

    San Diego Police Chief
  • "While overspending on prisons, Prop 20 will cause draconian cuts to mental health programs and support available to help victims of crime recover from trauma."

    Tinisch Hollins

    Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice

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